Asbestos testings and Sampling services :

Who are we? 
Here at ASA Asbestos Surveys & Advice we conduct accredited Asbestos Testing, analysis and sampling services for all sectors. All of our surveyors are certified to P402 level as a minimum. And our company ASA is audited both internally and externally on a regular basis and also quality assured and certified. So our clients can be confident of a very high standard, professional and cost-effective service.  Also, all of our surveys and removals are conducted from our London and Edinburgh offices and we operate Nationwide.

Sampling, Surveys & Consultancy over the last 30 years
Our qualified, Experienced Asbestos surveyors have taken over 20,000 asbestos samples over the last 30 years. And ASA will continue to conduct Asbestos surveys, testing and consultancy in line with the very latest industry standards. At ASA we strive continually to improve our efficiency and pass the cost savings on to our valued clients. This has always been part of our ethos. And with an unblemished record of 30 years. We have a vast wealth of experience in all aspects of the asbestos industry.

What can we do for you
Our company professionals are always ready to listen to your individual requirements to help in any way we can. This may be through simple advice or arranging a site visit. The site visit may involve the taking of a single sample for analysis. It may also require a complete asbestos survey. 

Other Options
There are also other options for a survey. Some of which are management surveys, Re-assessment surveys & Refurbishments surveys. Some times it may be a mixture of one or more of these survey types. So its helpful that our Asbestos surveys, testing and analysis services are offered with a full list of asbestos services. This helps to ensure a turnkey solution to all of our clients asbestos requirements.

Asbestos-containing materials
The materials that contain asbestos are numerous. Some of which are Roofing sheets, soundproofing, insulation, toilet cisterns and felts & bitumen. Indeed literally hundreds of products had asbestos added to them for a variety of useful purposes. Such as Fire & Heat resistance, acoustics and strengthening of base products such as cement roofing sheets and vinyl floor tiles. 

Edinburgh & London Head offices
Asbestos surveys & Advice Ltd operate throughout the United kingdom from our head offices located in London and Edinburgh. We cover all areas from our locally placed offices nationwide. Feel free to contact any of our offices and you will receive the same high-class service whoever you speak to. It will always be one of our experienced and fully qualified members of staff. 

Why not contact us
We are here to help with anything from simple advice through to offering our site services. You could also email us at any time and we will strive to get back to you the same day or within 24 hours. ASA conduct asbestos surveys and removals from our London and Edinburgh offices. Also from our strategically placed offices throughout the United Kingdom.

What Happens after the survey
Following our site assessment or asbestos survey, we can then advise on the next steps to fulfil your compliance with the regulations. This could involve various recommendations or be as straight forward as informing you that no further action is required. If further action is required it usually means the safe management of the asbestos must be conducted. 

Asbestos management plan
An asbestos management plan will contain the method on which you will manage the risk of the asbestos materials that have been identified. The document will remain a “Live document” and will clearly communicate the procedures and policy. This will remain in place to manage the risk of fibre release and or damage to the asbestos materials. We can prepare the plan for you and provide ongoing support such as future asbestos removals and annual re-assessment surveys.

Areas and items to look out for
Some other typical asbestos-containing products include floor coverings and adhesives, textured coatings and sprayed coatings. Also Pipe insulation, cement rainwater goods, asbestos Insulating board (AIB) panels to ceilings, walls, boxing and beam cladding. The list goes on- electrical flash guards and breakers, asbestos ropes and fabrics, mastics and numerous bitumen based products. Some types of asbestos materials should only be removed by licensed asbestos removal contractors.

Ongoing Compliance-We can help
We can help with all future requirements once the asbestos survey has been conducted. Then the asbestos register is produced and the asbestos management plan compiled. We can supply a labelling regime to clearly identify asbestos materials. If you need a full plan we can provide a safety management system for all the materials found. This will ensure full compliance with all HSE and regulatory requirements.

Why should I call ASA?
The main reason is that you will get a straight forward answer to any of your queries when you contact us. So if you want a survey or removal cost you can be confident that we will be able to help. Because we are used to helping all types of clients from all types of backgrounds. These can be domestic clients who have found something that looks like asbestos in their home. It can be a business owner who just wants to comply with regulations. Whoever contacts us will be handled in the same courteous manner. Remember if its anything to do with asbestos testing, analysis or surveys-Call the experts today and we will help.   Contact ASA



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