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Asbestos Survey Types:

Asbestos Management Surveys & Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys;

There are 2 main types of asbestos survey –

Asbestos Management & Refurbishment-Demolition Surveys:

Some buildings may require 2 different types of survey. This could be when one part of a building is to be refurbished or demolished and also no work is planned on the rest of the property. 

Asbestos Management Survey:
In this type of Asbestos survey all reasonably accessible areas are checked for asbestos.  And samples are taken for analysis at an accredited laboratory. This survey provides a full report and clearly shows areas of asbestos materials. It tells you where the asbestos materials are located. And furthermore it includes assessments and recommendations for the management of the asbestos materials.

Asbestos Refurbishment-Demolition Survey:

This is an an extension of a management survey. The survey is fully intrusive and all areas such as sealed voids and cavities are inspected. This survey however is only usually done before refurbishment or demolition.

What do you get When the survey is done?

  • A fully detailed report specifically highlighting where any asbestos containing materials are found. This includes all items of asbestos that were found during the survey.  Also included is an asbestos register that can be used to identify the areas of asbestos. Therefore allowing you to monitor the condition and up-date your management plan when needed. And to help with the safe management of the asbestos in your building. Also advice and risk assessments for each item of asbestos that is found is also included in the report.
  • The report will also contain;
  • More details of places where the asbestos is. This will help to show people where the asbestos is. Additionally We provide advice on what you need to do with the asbestos that was found and advise on future actions how to keep the Asbestos register updated.
  • Afterwards a sample analysis report from the laboratory showing the results of all of the samples taken during the survey. 
Asbestos survey types